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'Nice and Niche'

Our 2 minute elevator pitch.

We ‘do IT differently’.

White Horse Web Services are a ‘nice and niche’ systems integrator.

We really are a genuine alternative to the norm, bringing a breath of fresh air to project delivery.

We have delivered projects in the time is can take a tier-1 partner to finish discovery.

If you’re considering a digital transformation project based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Microsoft Power Platform, or if you’ve started one with one with another partner and are currently regretting it; and if you are prepared to try something different, then please get in touch.

Our innovative operating and delivery model means we can go at pace.

From our own network and in conjunction with our delivery partners and cloud-based vendors we can hit the ground running and scale quickly.

We run a DevOps culture, meaning we can add value quickly and then continuously.

We aren’t constrained by bureaucracy. 

We are free to work for and support our customers in the way that they want.

We’re disruptive problem solvers who will challenge low benefit / high cost and be open and honest in our communication.

This results in more effective delivery.

Our expert, professional team all add value.

Our proven project teams have done it before. We can draw from our established network of specialists as required.

We don’t go through forming, storming, norming and performing at your cost.

We don’t put people on your project to learn.

We don’t have a one-size fits all approach.

We provide higher quality, more personal, tailored support services, based upon what you actually need.

Our innovative operating model and more personal service means less cost and more value for our customers.

Our only focus is successful outcomes for our customers.

We do good by helping organisations that do good

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